Podcast Episode 16: Taking the plunge

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Hello again and I’ve squeezed in another podcast. You can watch Episode 16: Taking the Plunge! on YouTube by clicking in the window below 🙂



In this episode I talk about my latest spinning project and show you the best yarn that I’ve spun to date. There is also news about the two shawls I have in progress, one knitted and one crocheted. This is the one in the picture above and is going to be a new pattern, ready for testing in early October.

Its all very exciting at the moment as I am running a blanket CAL this autumn, and I’ve news on that. I’ve also decided to take the plunge and sell some of my hand dyed yarn, so I’m opening my Etsy shop this Thursday 8th September at 7pm.

Start to 2.20

A quick intro to let you know what’s happening in this episode.

2.20 – 10.58

I’ve been doing more spinning and I’m showing and telling about my skeins of handspun yarn just completed. Ive spun these from merino top in loads of bright colours and after I’ve spun some more and plied it together, I should have the 400 metres I need to make a handspun shawl.

Hand spun Crafternoon Treats Etsy shop

10.58 – 20.16

More about the easy knitted shawls that I talked about last time and that I blogged about this week. I’m really enjoying the Olympic sprint shawl and using the various knitting needles that I have. I talk about the Knitpro Karbonz, which are a bit blunt for me at the moment, but which have a really good extra feature – which enables you to put in a lifeline so easily.

Knitted shawl progress

20.16 – 23.12

Progress on my crochet shawl, which is going a lot faster than my knitted one! Surprise, surprise! Its going well and I hope to have the pattern ready for testing in late September.

Crochet shawl

23.12 – 34.37

News about the Flower Power blanket CAL which will be starting this month. I’ll be releasing the pattern on September 20th and giving details of colours and preparations, then the first tutorials will be ready to go and the CAL will officially start at the beginning of October.

Blanket CAL2016-08-23 09.32.15

34:37 – 54.09

News about the opening of my Etsy shop, which will feature the yarn that I’ve been dyeing recently. The shop will have its first update at 7pm on September 8th (Thursday).

The yarn will include some 100g skeins and some minis, all dyed on British rare breed wool.

Promo for Etsy shop for podcast 16

1.03 to end

Finally, as part of the news on the Etsy shop but more of general interest too, are my dyeing experiments with natural plant dyes, including goldenrod, birch leaves, elderberries, tea and dahlia flowers.

Natural dyed minis

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Loved your podcast Kathryn I think I am very similar to you, I would love to take the plunge and podcast but am very anxious about it. Your podcast is fab and I am a knitter so looking forward to learning how to crochet on your CAL – always loved knitting but cannot fathom out crochet☹️
    Have a lovely week


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