Giveaways and notes from Episode 14

Episode 14 of the Crafternoon Treats podcast is all about yarn with some news of my planned crochet along coming up with autumn and some news on things I have on the hook at the moment.

Some brief notes here with links 🙂

Start to 2.34

Intro and chat

2.34 – 10.22

My recent visit to Loop in London.

You can find more about Loop and all the yarny goodies that I saw there in a blog post here.

10.22 – 22.18

News about my new pattern – the sea breeze crochet scarf. This is now available on Ravelry and Craftsy.

I designed the scarf to not look obviously crocheted but to be a bit preppie and a snuggly, classic scarf for an autumn or winter day by the sea.

Sea Breeze scarf in Stylecraft Batik on model 2

37.54 – 38.55

A teeny bit of knitting news – I’ve started another Linus shawl just to keep on knitting but I’m after a new knitted shawl pattern to work on that’s a bit more complicated but not too tricky. A sort of step up from the Linus. I’ve already had loads of suggestions and I’ll be blogging about them and telling you more in Episode 15.

38.55 – 55.24

Some general chat and information about the pattern giveaways coming up in Episode 15

The daisy twist cowl

The daisy twist cowl by Smine on Ravelry. Steph from New Zealand very kindly sent me a complimentary pattern for me to use – and I’ve just finished this lovely cowl. Steph has also very generously offered 2 copies of the pattern as a giveaway to two lucky subscribers to the Crafternoon Treats YouTube channel. All you need to do to enter is subscribe and I pick the winner from the subscribers using this random number generator.

Daisy Twist cowl all finished

The Contour Shawl by Joanne Scrace

I finished this a while ago now and Joanne has very kindly offered to give one copy of her new shawl pattern to a Crafternoon Treats You Tube subscriber.

Yarn squishing Finished contour shawl

The Crochet Sock Collection by Vicky Brown

One lucky winner will get the entire sock collection just published by Vicky Brown. Its available on Ravelry as an ebook collection and is also available in print.

Crochet sock collection by Vicky Brown

Some podcasts I’ve been enjoying

I also chatted about some of the podcasts that I’ve been watching. Mina of the Knitting Expat podcast has been in the UK and has been loading up really interesting blogs about her travels in London, at Fibre East and in Brighton. She’s also managed to fit in Helsinki in Finland too!

A podcast that is new to me but that has been going since last November is the Dingo Dyeworks podcast by Petah from Perth in Western Australia. Its a really good podcast, full of loads of interesting projects and Petah talks a lot about her hand dyed yarns, colour matching and colour theory and her dyeing journey. But what makes it really special is that she podcasts from different places around Perth and Australia. The beautiful backdrops are enthralling and its like visiting with her and going on little outings.

Dingo Dyeworks podcast

55.24 – 1.16.22

An update on my yarn dyeing – I’m really enjoying playing with colour and a 100% woollen spun yarn that I’ve got through a collaboration with a spinning mill that is so local to me its really unbelievable.

Yarn skeins for notes

1.16.22 – 1.22.56

I’ve also been doing some experimenting with natural plant dyes – this is my goldenrod skein and I’ve also had a good result using birch leaves.

Yarn skeins goldenrod

1.22.56 – end

Finally (!) a quick update on my spinning – I think I’m getting better and I’ve a spinning wheel on loan for a few weeks so making the most of it 🙂

I’m recording Episode 15 this week and it should be up this weekend, so I’ll see you soon, Kathryn xxx

6 thoughts on “Giveaways and notes from Episode 14

  1. Louise Carway says:

    Playing catch up and have just watched this episode. Are you still trialling selling your yarn? If so, where are you promoting it? Great podcast as always. I watch whilst ironing and have a notebook beside me to jot down websites to visit and ideas that you trigger off.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Louise Yes I am opening an Etsy shop this Thursday and will be posting about it on social media and in Episode 16 of the podcast, which I’m hoping to publish on Tuesday evening 🙂

  2. Valerie Allen says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I really love watching your pod casts and look forward to your next one coming along. I wondered if you thought that a Linus shawl would work in dc crochet? or half treble? Just a thought.
    Also have you tried the first sock pattern for a man’s size shoe? Christmas is coming!

    Many thanks and encouragements to you,

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Val I have had a half hearted attempt at crocheting a shawl in the linus shape but it didn’t work very well… the stitches are a bit too tall to get a good line. I’m working on a crescent shawl and some other ideas though. Don’t know about a man’s sock – still working on mastering a woman’s sock as the yarns all work up so differently 🙂

  3. Pamela dungar says:

    I am looking forward to the next podcast and your exploits with the spinning wheel. The shawl pattern is on my wants list along with your scarf, which will be in my laptop very soon.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks so much Pamela – I had a really good spinning group this week and am working on some multicoloured yarn to ply up for the next podcast xxx

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