Podcast 13: Lots of yarn squishing

Yarn squishing for blog featured

Watch Episode 13 of the Crafternoon Treats podcast – Lots of yarn squishing here:

Start to 5 minutes 58 seconds: Stylecraft blogstars

Intro and information about the Stylecraft blogstars. Find out more about my trip over to the Stylecraft Mill in Slaithwaite near Huddersfield. I got to meet the other blogstars:From the left me, Sandra of Cherry Heart, Heather of The Patchwork Heart, Julia of Hand Knitted Things, Phil of The Twisted Yarn, Helen from The Knitted Adventures of a Woolly Kitty, Lucy of Attic24, Sarah of Annaboos House and Sue Pinner. The other Stylecraft blogstars  are Emma Varnam, Jane Crowfoot and Angela of Get Knotted Yarn Craft.

Stylecraft Blogstars this weekend

6.02 to 13.35: Lots of yarn squishing with the new Stylecraft Batik DK

More about the new yarn that I got to play with including Stylecraft Batik DK and some other new yarns due for launch very soon.

Stylecraft blogstars2016-07-12 11.58.42

13.41 to 15.39: Stylecraft giveaway

I’m sharing a few of the goodies I got on my visit with YouTube subscribers and members of the Facebook groups Bagalong with Crafternoon Treats and The Crafternooners. The winner will be announced in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

15.45 to 18.48: Finished Contour shawl

This is the lovely shawl pattern by Joanne Scrace who is @notsogranny on instagram and who teams up with Kat Goldin to form The Crochet Project.

You can buy the pattern for the Contour shawl on Ravelry. My shawl is made using my own hand dyed yarn.

Contour shawl story finished shawl in the podcast

Finished contour shawl

18.49 – 21.50: A new prototype shawl

Another project that I’ve been doing with my own hand dyed yarn to see how it works up and to play around with shawl pattern ideas.

Prototype shawl

21.55 – 23.46: My plan for upcoming giveaways

I love to have a giveaway for each episode of the podcast so I’m doing a bit of planning and here I talk about future giveaways.

23.52 – 28.15: The giveaway for this podcast

The lovely yarn by Eleanor of Solstice Yarns was won this episode by Anne Griffith. Anne has now been in touch and will be receiving happy post and a chance to do her own yarn squishing very soon.

Read more about Eleanor and see what she currently has in her Etsy shop in my recent blog post.

Solstice yarn giveaway for blog

28.20 – 39.36: A sock blank from Sara’s Texture Crafts

I explain all about a sock blank using this lovely one kindly donated to the podcast by Sara of Sara’s Texture Crafts. I’ll be working up a project with the blank Sara has sent for me to use over the next few weeks.

Saras texture crafts sock blank blog

The second sock blank will be a giveaway in an upcoming episode.

Saras texture crafts sock blank giveaway blog

39.36 – 43.44: The Daisy Cowl pattern by Smine on Ravelry

I’ve also received the offer of a giveaway of not just one but two copies of a lovely crochet cowl pattern. Its by Steph from New Zealand who is Smine on Ravelry. I’ve already started the Daisy Twist cowl and I’ll be talking about it again and sharing pics of my progress on social media.

You can buy the Daisy Twist Cowl pattern here.

Daisy Twist Cowl progress

43.41 – 53.19: A visit to Wingham Wool Work

Loads of pictures and a tour of Wingham Wool Work, a centre for fibres and equipment for anyone keen on spinning, felting, dyeing or other fibre crafts. A really fascinating place and more fibre stroking than yarn squishing, although there was undyed yarn available for sale and some lovely sari silk yarn too.

Find out more about Wingham Wool Work here.

53.26 to End Thanks for watching!

This is the first podcast that I’ve allowed ads to show on – thanks for the response to my request for feedback last time. I hope they aren’t too much of a distraction. I’ll see how it goes for future podcasts and will keep reviewing options 🙂

2 thoughts on “Podcast 13: Lots of yarn squishing

  1. Rowena Corlett says:

    Hi Kathryn – another interesting podcast. Just a quick question, you showed a variagated stylecraft yarn which I think was called vintage but I can’t find it online. Perhaps it’s not released yet? Good luck with the designing – I will be interested in making the very long shawl x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Rowena – no I think its coming out very soon though 🙂 It was just a sneaky peek. I think it may be early August, but don’t quote me on that x

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