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Welcome to the podcast notes for Episode 4 of the Crafternoon Treats crochet podcast. In this episode I’m very much focusing on crochet blankets… I’ll be showing you blankets that I’ve made, more that I’m currently working on, some in the pipeline and some great patterns and designs that I think you’ll enjoy.

Before we get started with the notes…

Important giveaway news

The winner of the giveaway in Episode 3 to win the Crochet Yeah! book by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project goes to: Jo-Ann Goldenberg, who is in California, USA. If you didn’t win you can buy it here.

A free digital copy of the Saunders sock pattern goes to: Elizabeth Shields – there is a message for you on YouTube to get in touch with your email address 🙂 If you didn’t win you can buy it here.

Congratulations and I hope you make good use of your goodies. Please do subscribe to the Crafternoon Treats YouTube channel as I’ve loads more giveways planned just for YouTube subscribers in April and May 2016.

Episode 4 Crochet Podcast notes

Social media links

The Victoria Shawl pattern by Sandra Paul of the blog CherryHeart

Victoria Shawl shot for crochet podcast 4

Find out more about my adventures in making handmade books over in Pateley Bridge in the Yorkshire Dales.

Book selection for crochet podcast

Attic24 blankets

I talked a lot about blankets today and high on the list of my favourite blanket patterns are those by Lucy at Attic24.

Crochet podcast episode 4 granny stripe blankets

Here are some of the links to blanket patterns that I love, but do go visit the blog and see all the lovely patterns and makes for yourself. Its an additive blog…

Heather of the blog The Patchwork Heart is also a fabulous inspiration for blankets. Find Heather on Instagram and Facebook and check out her Etsy shop where she sells the most beautiful crochet blankets and other items.

More about my blankets

I make most of my blankets in Stylecraft Special DK, a lovely hard wearing 100% acrylic yarn that comes in 88 colours! I also favour Stylecraft Special Chunky – this is the yarn I used to make my hexagon blanket.

Read the posts about my granny stripe blankets: the original Cath Kidston style blanket and the sunny colours granny stripe and the log cabin footstool.

Crochet podcast crochet corner

Hexagon blanket crochet podcast notes

Crochet alongs for blankets

Just a few – there are thousands out there. The easiest way to find them is to google crochet blanket CAL 2016 or to search Facebook for crochet blanket CAL.

A very special blanket

Spring flower blanketbest of 9

Crochet sockalong

My new socks are in Sirdar Heart and Sole and the flavour of the yarn is pigeon toes – love that name! Its £7.99 not £7.50 as I said, but still good value for a pair of socks.

Sock progress on latest for crochet podcast

I think that’s it but if you want any more info, just drop me a line in the comments or connect on Facebook or Instagram… In the last couple of weeks I’ve passed two major milestones on social media and now have over 25,000 followers on instagram and over 15,000 followers on Facebook. Wow! Thank you so much for following and commenting and liking things – its such a great encouragement xxxxx

Remember to sign up to subscribe to the YouTube Channel – there will be another giveway next week and then more in the rest of April and in May xxx


3 thoughts on “Crochet podcast episode 4: All about the blankets

  1. Valerie Allen says:

    Hi Kathryn, I love your podcasts! please keep them coming. I wondered if you were going to make Mens Survival socks, I hope so because that’s my Christmas presents for my three sons! ….. if you do! no pressure :0)
    It is nice to know you are Yorkshire born and bred, I am from Cudworth, so not far from Pontefract, in fact the ~Yorkshire Traction bus used to come through Cudworth. I also love the cakes! I now live in Derbyshire, but I still consider myself Yorkshire …. from the coal mining villages.
    Well, I sent this email just now, but to the wrong email address …. !

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Valerie thanks for your lovely comments – yes I know Cudworth, I’ve been to the hall there… I’m happy you are enjoying the podcasts and hope you’ll keep watching. Do you get up to Yarndale? xxx

  2. Valerie Allen says:

    Hi Kathryn, Love your podcasts, keep them coming! I wondered if you would be doing a Man’s Survival sock – I hope so because that’s my idea for son’s Christmas presents!
    It’s nice to know you’re Yorkshire born and bred, I am from Cudworth …. not too far from Pontefract, and I have always loved those cakes!
    best wishes and many thanks, Val

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