Selby crochet and chat week 2

In the first few weeks of 2016 I’ve made a few steps towards setting up a Selby crochet and chat group local to me, in a small town in neighbouring North Yorkshire. In the last few months, I’ve really enjoyed going to the knit and natter group over at Skipton with Yvonne, Lucy (Attic24), Tracy, Eleanor, Julie and the gang at Coopers in Skipton but its quite a hike from where I live.

I only get over there 3 or 4 times a year and usually in the spring and summer when the weather is good. So I thought it would be great to meet some people who live around here who are into yarny thrills, not just crocheters but knitters and stitchers too. I’ve called it a Crochet and Chat because that is my main interest at the moment, but everyone is welcome to come along and bring whatever project they like.

The Selby Crochet and Chat was the week before last and I was a bit nervous! I wondered if anyone would turn up or if I would crochet the morning away in splendid isolation in the lovely upstairs lounge at The Little Coffee House in Selby. But no. We had a total of seven people last week and four this week (some people can’t come because of work some weeks) so I’m really pleased with how its going so far.

I advertised the group meeting on Facebook and Instagram, which reaches people worldwide. I was really touched and amazed to have loads of comments from people from far flung places – Amy in Aus and others – who said they would have loved to have come if they were nearer! I wish it was possible too…

But I promised to take some pictures and with the nervous flutterings in week 1, I forgot. In week 2, I made a mental note and took a couple of pics inside the coffee house and some of the local environs that is Selby. This is exciting stuff, so I hope you are ready :).

We are very, very lucky that the lounge at The Little Coffee House is so plush! And posh! Fresh flowers, sofas, comfortable decor, cushions, and freshly baked scones and teacakes with hot coffee, a selection of teas and CAKE!!!!

Pics from 7 Jan 2016007

Pics from 7 Jan 2016006

Pics from 7 Jan 2016005

Pics from 7 Jan 2016003

Pics from 7 Jan 2016002

Selby crochet before everyone arrived-tile

This week we had me, Janice, Claire and Jocelyn (who hails from San Diego, USA but has lived locally for 14 years) and we had a whale of a time talking about crochet, quilting and knitting socks. We enjoyed freshly baked scones by Jane and lots of tea, coffee and our every need in snacks.

When I meet other crafters I always think about how little I actually know about anything! Janice and Jocelyn and very into quilting and stitching and Claire is very good at pitching in and doing new skills, more or less instantly. I enjoy my blog, my crochet and my other craft projects but I am no expert so its good to be in the company of people who are just as excited about the possibilities of everything crafty.

Selby crochet and chat

I’ve had a few comments on social media asking where Selby is. Good question! Its a little market town in North Yorkshire – I live in East Yorkshire but quite close to the point where the four bits of Yorkshire – East, South, North and West meet. So its about 10 miles from me, but in a different county.

To us Yorkshire folk, its just Selby: This is the High Street , taken from just in front of the Abbey.

Selby crochet Selby High Street

And this is the Abbey, in all its February glory:

Selby crochet Selby Abbey 2


Selby crochet Selby Abbey 2

Selby Abbey is the central feature of Selby and it is a lovely building dating back 1000 years. Selby is rich in history, having the Abbey, ancient buildings around the Abbey and the Cholera Burial Ground, which wasn’t that long ago…

Selby crochet Cholera Burial Ground Selby Abbey

The streets around the Abbey in Selby are lovely with very lovely cottages and mews:

Selby crochet Selby Abbey 4-tile

But the town’s more recent history, the industrial part, can ovewhelm:

Selby crochet Abbots Staith-tile

A few people have contacted me about having a get-together in Howden, another Yorkshire town, so I will  be updating my blog and Instagram and FB about that very soon xxx Selby Crochet and Chat is OK as a title but Howden Hookers – that has a real ring to it!

PS. Remember that this Friday, 5th February 2016, is National Wear Red Day in aid of heart disease awareness. If you buy my asymmetric heart pattern (just £1 on Craftsy), half of the cost will be donated to the British Heart Foundation xxx

Black bag

11 thoughts on “Selby crochet and chat week 2

  1. Victoria Nelson says:

    I am currently a knitter but Wat to learn how to crochet. I work in a school so would only be able to join you in the holidays. Please send me more details of your meetings. Thank you

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Victoria We meed every Weds but its a crochet and chat – although I can get you started on crochet in between the chatting (and eating cake) I can’t do formal crochet lessons. If you can pick things up quickly it may be enough though, and I can point you in the direction of some you tube videos too. If there are enough people I am also maybe thinking of booking a workshop space for a couple of hours so I could teach a small group. xxx

      • Elaine says:

        Hi it’s Elaine here who came to Crochet and Chat this week with my mum Margaret. Would like to know where I get the pattern from which you had the wooden dowling handles in, I have tried to find it on here but I’m new to blogs?

        • Crafternoon Treats says:

          Hi Elaine – you can’t find it because its not there yet. Its the new bag for the bagalong group for March so I’ll be posting about it this week 🙂 See you tomorrow xxx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Sharon – it is scary taking the plunge but its lovely to meet new people so I’m glad I did xxx Early days yet though 🙂

  2. Jocelyn Nelson says:

    It’s always great to see what others are working on, no matter which craft it is. It gives me ideas about colour combinations or themes, and it’s great to meet others who have a similar crafting passion. See you next week!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Jocelyn – I hope it will grow but its quite nice just with a small group. Its been lovely to see you the last two weeks and look forward to next Weds 🙂

  3. Gill says:

    Well that all looks wonderful and well done for taking the plunge. What a gorgeous place to meet! I know exactly what you mean about feeling a little eclipsed by other folks skills and not being an ‘expert’, whatever that is, but your work is beautiful you know. I feel just like this about starting my crochet breaks here in Northumberland at our little B&B but at the same time it’s fun and exciting and we will have a lovely room to work in too, great food and Stylecraft yarn on offer. Good luck with your meet ups I’m sure it will grow and is a great way to crochet without turning into a recluse!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Gill Crochet breaks and B&B sound fabulous – I will check you out 🙂 It is nice to meet other like minded people and to be inspired by them. I’ve really enjoyed the first two and hope it will continue xxx

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