The Love and Hope blanket charity fundraiser

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I’m just popping in to give you some news of the Love and Hope Blanket charity fundraiser that is going on at the moment. Its another example of a crochet blanket raising heaps of money for a good cause here in the UK. Go crochet go!!! You can learn more about this lovely blanket (pics above and below) at Helen’s Just Giving page – click the button below and it will take you straight there!

Buy your £2 ticket to enter to win the blanket!


Love and Hope blannket featured

Back in the spring I took part in a community project and contributed one square to the Spring Flower Blanket. This was originally raffled as a prize just between the 120 makers – and I won. As there was so much social media interest in the project, I decided not to keep it but to use it to raise some money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Little did I know what a phenomenon it would become! In the four weeks it was in the spotlight, it raised almost £11,000 to help fund nurses who care for people who are terminally ill. These nurses are fantastic and they make it possible for people who want to stay in their homes during the last weeks by supporting the and their families.

I was amazed that a crochet blanket had such power to do good… and now another blanket is following in its footsteps.

About the Love and Hope blanket

Helen Goodman, who is an avid crocheter and member of the Bagalong with Crafternoon Treats on Facebook recently experienced a hugely traumatic time when her younger brother was horrifically injured in a road accident. He was rushed to Norwich Hospital and quickly moved to the Intensive Care Unit, very poorly indeed. He hung on to life by a thread and was in the ICU for 25 days. Because of the medical care and support he received, he has survived and is back home, but faces months of rehabilitation to get back to good health.

During this time, Helen was beside herself and spent long hours in the unit frantic with worry. Although her brother’s medical treatment and care was funded by the NHS, the unit also has a lot of services for relatives that are provided by volunteers and by funds raised by charitable donation. So, armed with her crochet hook, Helen set about producing the Love and Hope blanket.

This is a crochet blanket based on 3D flowers and a gorgeous neutral background. It served two purposes. During those early weeks it gave Helen something to concentrate on, kept her hands busy and provided some much-needed soothing therapy. Now its finished, Helen is raffling it off to raise some funds for those all-important ICU services at Norwich Hospital, so that other relatives at their wits end can receive the same benefits that she did.

I’ve already supported Helen with a donation and it would be lovely if you could too. I know there are so many good causes that we could all contribute to, but this is one where crochet is showing its importance yet again. Just £2 gets you an entry ticket to win the blanket, all funds go straight to the charity and its open worldwide with free postage to the winner.

£2 – the price of a ball of acrylic yarn… How many of those do we buy without thinking? Good luck!!!!!!


Buy your £2 ticket to enter to win the blanket!

 And why not feast your eyes on some more lovely pics…

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