Stormy skies fingerless mittens – new pattern

Finished stormy skies fingerless mittens featured

I have so many crochet projects on the go at the moment, its ridiculous. As if two blankets, two bags and a shawl weren’t enough, I suddenly had the urge to make a pair of fingerless mittens.

Its been very stormy here in East Yorkshire this November but relatively mild. Its only been the odd day when its chilly but my fingers get cold easily and sitting writing at the computer or crocheting and a pair of fingerless mittens was the perfect solution. They are also handy when out and about and you want to use the touch screen on your phone to take an post pics to instagram 🙂

Finished stormy skies fingerless mittens crocheting

This is the third pair I’ve made and I also wanted to try out some stitch variations on the double crochet (UK terms), called single crochet in the US. I like playing around with stitches and really got a lot out of doing the tutorial crochet blog for Craftsy on the half double crochet. The hdc is US terminology – in the UK we call it the half treble (htr). This went down very well on the Craftsy site and I’ve just been preparing a new post on the extended single crochet, a stitch I didn’t know. New stitch + need for mittens = opportunity!

Finished stormy skies fingerless mittens 1

Extended single crochet is a US term, but I’ve not really been able to find a well-known equivalent in UK terminology – so I’ve called it a chain double crochet. Its a really flexible stitch formed by making an extra chain when you do a standard double crochet. This is what it looks like close up, bordered by the waistcoat stitch I used originally in the rainbow tote bag (click here to access the free bag pattern and tutorials).

Stormy colours

One of my other goals at the moment is to get on with using some of the yarn in my stash. I’ve joined in with the Attic24 Sunny CAL to use up some of my brighter Stylecraft Special DK and while I was looking through the colours, I thought how well some storm blue would go with grey and parchment. Something a bit more neutral after all those bright shades.

Finished stormy skies fingerless mittens 2

The Stormy Skies fingerless mitten pattern

The colour combo reminded me of the stormy skies around at the moment, so the idea for these Stormy Skies fingerless mittens really called to me. I got going and it took only a couple of evenings to work up the mittens (and then lots more hours to produce a pattern in UK and US terms).

If you want to get the pattern, you can access it on Ravelry here; its £1 plus VAT if that applies to where you are. $1.50 in the US.



This is my second pattern for sale on Ravelry – my first last month was for the Sammhain scarf in rich autumn colours. The Stormy Skies fingerless mittens pattern is now on Ravelry (the download includes a UK and US edition) and the Craftsy pattern site (US edition). If possible I will be loading up the UK version to Craftsy too.


Finished stormy skies fingerless mittens 4

10 thoughts on “Stormy skies fingerless mittens – new pattern

  1. Linda says:

    I’ve only just found your blog, via attic24. I mainly quilt, with a bit of crochet on the side – love your colours and the matching nail varnish is a bonus!!!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Linda – I think it was an accident about the nail varnish but I do love that stormy turquoise blue colour so much, maybe I just have it on my mind when choosing yarn and nail colours 🙂 Glad you’ve found me and hope you come back and visit often xxx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Emma! I was really pleased at how the colours went together – love these mitts (am wearing them now!) xxx

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