Crochet and October colours

October crochet and design featured

One of the things I’m aiming to do this October is to increase the amount of exercise I do.Around where I live are some lovely walks in open, flat countryside and the one along the canal is my favourite. The colours of early autumn this year are stunning.

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Autumn colours of East Yorkshire October 2015 Crafternoon Treats

Having a writing day job and then loving doing crochet and other crafts in my spare time means a lot of sitting down. So, I’ve downloaded a step counting app on my phone and I’m getting a walk in each day aiming for 2-3 miles. When I get busy its easy to think that I don’t have the time to spare but, as I always do, I’m finding that walking time is also thinking time and I often end up dreaming up new crochet projects or colour schemes as my feet hit the ground repeatedly. There seems to be something about the repetitive plod plod that is soothing in the same way as the repetitive actions that you make during crochet or knitting. Both are very therapeutic.

While crocheting in the evenings I am in the habit of watching TV but there is so little on these days all I end up doing is flicking through the 60 odd channels and then resorting to the off switch. Its all very well having lots of TV channels but when they repeat things so often what is the point? It makes catch up TV a bit redundant too. Recently I’ve reactivated my Audible account and have been enjoying listening to audiobooks as I crochet. A great advantage as you can listen and get engrossed in the tale without having to look at anything, so far less frogging goes on.

A few new projects are on my hook at the moment. I’ve just finished a couple of quick projects – the Northmoor Lock shawl and these rainbow fingerless mitts that I made using the same waistcoat stitch as the rainbow tote bag that we are doing as the project for October in the Bagalong with Crafternoon Treats group.

Rainbow crochet fingerless mittens 4 by Crafternoon Treats

Rainbow crochet fingerless mittens 3 by Crafternoon Treats

Rainbow crochet fingerless mittens 2 by Crafternoon Treats

Rainbow crochet fingerless mittens by Crafternoon Treats

Because I was busy designing and making the rainbow tote bag last month for the Stylecraft blog tour, I didn’t have time to do the bag that we decided on for September – the Crochet Dreamz bag. This is a lovely bag and a beautiful version has been made by Nancy Ingram, a member of the group.

Crochet Dreamz bag Nancy Ingram

I’ve just started my bag and I’ve decided to make it in Stylecraft Chunky (as I have loads of it) with gold as the main background colour then plum, emperor and burgundy for the flowers. Only two squares down as yet, but progress!

Crochet Dreamz bag Crafternoon Treats

In the last few weeks, I have had a few crochet deadlines which, to be honest, I haven’t enjoyed much! Crochet is my hobby and although I enjoy doing the blog and interacting on social media I do tend to go at things like a bull at a gate sometimes. So I am reflecting a bit and slowing down – not crocheting less but doing fewer Craftsy blog posts and concentrating on some new, larger projects I’ve had in mind for ages. I’m thinking crochet to wear… watch this space. xxxxxxx

5 thoughts on “Crochet and October colours

  1. Sharon says:

    Such amazing photos, especially the canal, they have so much depth of field. I must admit I find myself wondering whether to spend less time here in the run up to Christmas to give myself time to get everything done or whether to just try to squeeze it all in. At the minute I am seeing how things go. x

  2. Sandra says:

    Beautiful photos. I listen to a lot of BBC iPlayer and Radio 4 extra when I’m crafting – but thanks for the intro to ‘Audible’, I will definitely check that out.

  3. Nicola says:

    Cute fingerless mitts. I made some stripey ones similar to that a while back and it’s almost cool enough to wear them now. Love your fall photos.

  4. Nancy Ingram says:

    I did so enjoy this article and the lovely fall pictures. Imagine my happy surprise when my Dreamz Bag showed up, made my day😀 xxx. I find the fingerless mitts amazing, is there a pattern? I have a couple of projects on the hook also. Thanks for the inspiration and all you do for us, Kathryn😊 xxxxx

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