My weekend at Yarndale 2015

Yarndale 2015 featured

Its Monday and its my turn on the Stylecraft blog tour today so I am sitting at my desk, trying very hard not to overdose on coffee and keeping up with all the comments, likes and generally loveliness that keeps popping into my social media feeds.

If you are reading this and its still Monday, you might just have time to enter the Stylecraft competition on my blog – otherwise pop over the The Twisted Yarn, whose new pattern will be available and who will be hosting the competition on Tuesday 29th September.

I am more than a bit grateful that I wasn’t one of the blogs chosen for Saturday or Saturday – the Yarndale 2015 weekend days – that would be have been a multitask-too-far. As well as the delicious distractions of the yarn and all the other goodies, the phone signal in the Auction Mart in Skipton was off the scale at the bad end of poor.

But, very fortunately, my slot was set for the Monday I managed to get my rainbow tote bag made, photographed, the pattern and tutorials written up and organised, all ready to go live this morning.

Otherwise, I’m having a bit of a recovery today. Enjoying yourself for every minute of a 48 hour period is such a treat and a luxury, but Yarndale is very full on! And I mean enjoying in the sense that everything was fantastic from the start of Saturday to the second my head hit the pillow last night to fall into a deep and very satisfied sleep.

The start of Yarndale 2015

I nipped over to Skipton, setting off early, but not ridiculously early as I only live about an hour and a half away. Its such a nice place to visit and I park close to the canal, just round the corner from Coopers Cafe, where Lucy of Attic24 has her studio.

My Yarndale 2015 weekend by Crafternoon Treats in Skipton canal view

My Yarndale 2015 weekend by Crafternoon Treats in Skipton

My Yarndale 2015 weekend by Crafternoon Treats Skipton

My Yarndale 2015 weekend Crafternoon Treats Skipton

This is a good mile from the Auction Mart where the Yarndale event is held but I wanted to do two things first. I was meeting my lovely friend Julie, who goes to the Knit and Natter sessions on a Friday morning and who I’ve got to know over the last few months. We were having breakfast at the lovely Coopers and were the first people in there when they opened the doors at 9am. Their coffee is legendary and their toast and jam is quite good too.

Coopers for breakfast on the first day of Yarndale 2015

After refuelling we set off to walk up through the park so we could see all the signs and yarny lamposts. The park walk is about a mile long and there is a lot going on that’s not Yarndale so these marker lamposts were very useful to be able to follow the way.

My Yarndale 2015 weekend by Crafternoon Treats in Skipton yarn decorations in the park

Each year Lucy makes more signs and they really add to the excitement as you are getting nearer and nearer…

My Yarndale 2015 weekend by Crafternoon Treats in Skipton Yarndale sign

And we’re through the door

The walk was lovely as it was a gorgeous September morning but there was quite a bit of anticipation so we weren’t dawdling. The people on the door were really well organised and getting in with an advanced ticket was really quick. We were soon inside, where everything looked very familiar after having come over for the 2014 show.

The main entrance is at the top, where the Yarndale hub is situated. This is where you go to find useful info, there is a cafe, the workshop theatres are close by and… here to greet you is a wonderful, stunning and unbelievable sight…


The Yarndale 2015 bunting Crafternoon Treats

The Yarndale Bunting

To reach the main area where all the stands are you pass through this entrance hall which is decorated with the yarndale bunting that was made 3 years ago, for the first event. So many people from all around the world contributed and this has become a lasting symbol of Yarndale.

Once inside it was very difficult to take too many pictures, particularly on the Saturday as every stand and all the aisles were FULL of people. About 4000 crowded in on the Saturday and although it was possible to drift along and look at everything, all that appeared on my phone screen was the back of the person in front… Outside was very sunny on both days and plenty of people were having a picnic lunch. The giant sheep were extra entertainment.

My Yarndale weekend by Crafternoon Treats inside the Auction Mart

There was so much lovely yarn and so many needable supplies, it was unreal. I was quite proud of myself though – I made a few considered purchases but didn’t go mad!

The Yarndale mandalas

As well as all the retail therapy, there were also two other major pieces of crochet art to gaze at. The mandalas from last year were displayed on boards by the cafe this year and so were at ground level, which made them easier to see and appreciate.

Yarndale 2015 mandala display

Yarndale 2015 mandala display

Yarndale 2015 mandala display

Yarndale 2015 mandala display

And finally… the Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories

This year’s Yarndale project involved making flowers for a display to raise money for Alzheimer’s and was arranged by a lovely lady, Sheila, who painstakingly put all of the flowers that people had sent in and made this new display. It was absolutely breathtaking…

Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories display

Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories display

Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories display

Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories display

Yarndale 2015 flowers for memories display

19 thoughts on “My weekend at Yarndale 2015

  1. carolyn says:

    Lovely photos, I really enjoyed the tour especially as I live in N, Z So pleased my bunting, mandala and flowers were there though. Thankyou again, Caro,

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      My pleasure Carolyn – it really is such a lovely event, far more than just a yarn show. The atmosphere is amazing xxxxx

  2. Lara says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures! I was able to locate one of the flowers I sent all the way from San Diego, CA!! I want so badly to attend this event and I appreciate your sharing your experience with us.

  3. Louise says:

    What a wonderful blog post! Thank you for sharing all your pictures. There was just so much to look at and experience. I can’t wait for next year! xx

  4. Joan Daniel says:

    Thanks so much for posting this for those of us to see from across the pond too! And thanks for posting along the way there so we can see the city too! Lovely! All of it! Wish I could be there in person! But gives us a bird’s eye view of it and such a lovely place too! So many whom I’m in groups with contributed to the bunting and mandala and flower walls! They’re beautiful! To think they’re from all over and so many who love crocheting contributed! I bet it’s so much better in person too! But thanks for sharing it with us! 😀

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Joan Thanks! Its nice to be able to share and to have some photos and a blog post to look back on too – its a bit of a blur when you are actually there! xxxx

  5. Anne Dearle says:

    Thank you for the lovely photos. Living so far away (Perth, Western Australia), we don’t get to see Yarndale in Skipton. Your photos were beautiful and colourful. I saw my mandala for the first time. The flowers were amazing. I hope lots of funds were raised.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Anne I am glad you enjoyed the photographs – the Yarndale show is really unique in the UK and its a real privilege to live so close and be able to go. Some people do come over from Australia – so you never know. Maybe one day xxxx

  6. RedSetter says:

    I was finally mobile enough to go this year and so delighted to be there. It was truly as wonderful as everyone always says it is. The only problem for me was that the Advanced Ticket entrance took half an hour to admit people which was poor especially as this included those of us using the disabled parking. I still loved being there but I really hope that the organisers think about the entry flow next year as I’d love to go again if I’m able.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      The problem is the sheer volume of people and most of the people on the door are volunteers. They do their best!!!!!

  7. Kris C says:

    Thank you for posting this for those of us who couldn’t be there. I’m so happy! I think I saw my flower combo in the blue/purple flower wall picture! Made my day. I really want to go next year.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Yay – you won’t regret it. It is a wonderful show, so different to Knitting and Stitching or smaller local shows xxx

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