Attic24 Harmony square fat bottomed bag!

Attic24 Harmony squares bag featured

Like many hooksters I couldn’t wait to try out the new Attic24 Harmony square design posted by Lucy a few weeks ago. The Harmony Blanket is gorgeous and its on my to-do list, which is remarkably full these days! Realistically I am unlikely to be getting on with that in the near future although it would make a lovely winter blanket project…

In the meantime I checked and found I had some of nearly all of the Harmony blanket colours in my stash so decided just to try a few squares one evening as some crochet relaxation. They are addictive, be warned. After making the first two or so the pattern is easy to work and remember and squares were building up fast. I toyed with the idea of doing a lap blanket but my bag obsession soon took over.

An Attic24 Harmony squares bag!

By making nine squares and then joining them as the blanket is joined using a join-as-you-go method and then bordering this small square with a few rounds of blanket border I soon had the perfect foundation for a new fat bottomed bag.

Attic24 Harmony squares bag in progress

Attic24 Harmony squares bag with border

The way the colours work with the square design is fabulous. I am really in love with this colour scheme and I am more determined than ever to make the entire blanket. As I didn’t have the complete pack some of my squares are not all true Attic24 Harmony squares – they just use the colours I had and I chose the combinations accordingly. I can also imagine this square design being lovely in other colour schemes too.

Last weekend I looked through my fabric stash for a good lining fabric. When I made my first fat bottomed bag in honour of Wink, I used quilting wadding between two pieces of cotton, which gave a nice shape to the bag. This time I chose a thicker printed linen-type cotton and made the lining as a double thickness square. I think the vintage colours and the design match perfectly.

Attic24 Harmony squares bag choice of the lining

Adding the embellishments

To make the lining square I measured the Harmony mini square, which was 49cm x 49cm. I then made the lining close to 50cm square when made up, so cut two pieces of material 52cm by 52cm and sewed them with the right sides together leaving about a third of one side open to turn the lining the right way out.

Once that was done and pressed, I hand sewed the gap and then hand sewed the lining to the square, stretching the crochet slightly and attaching the edge of the lining on the second border round in from the edge. I also hunted around in my lace stash (yes, its getting bad isn’t it, to have a lace stash for bags!!) and found some blue and grey toned wide lace and fixed two layers to the edge that would make the front and the back and sewed one layer doubled over for the sides. For once it was a sunny Sunday so I did all the hand stitching in the garden – very relaxing…

Attic24 Harmony squares bag embellishments

Rather ashamed to admit that it then took me a week to get on with the handles and the flowers. With this bag I’ve made my own crochet handles and I’ll be putting together a new tutorial soon to show how they were made. I like the cane handles that I used on my first fat bottomed bag but they feel a bit fragile and I wanted to make this bag a practical and usable one for everyday.

But here we are, the taDah!

Harmony squares bag tadah 1

Harmony squares bag tadah 5

Harmony squares bag tadah 4

Harmony squares bag tadah 3

Find out more about the Attic24 Harmony blanket and see the free tutorials for the Harmony square here and for putting them together to make there Harmony Blanket here.

I’ll be catching up with more projects and stuff I’ve been up to this week – have a great one! Yarndale is only two weeks away now so if you are going and want to arrange a meet up watch out on FB and IG this week – I’m hoping to get some Bagalongers and Crafternooners together over the weekend in Skipton xxx

8 thoughts on “Attic24 Harmony square fat bottomed bag!

  1. Louise says:

    Hi. I don’t suppose that there is a pdf or written pattern for this bag, is there, please.

    I am quickly becoming a bag addict too in crochet or sewing or patchwork lol. I suppose I should say that I AM an addict 😀

  2. Shelyn Ward says:

    Just started to make the harmony flat bottomed bag but do not have any wooden handles and wondered whether you
    have any instructions for your crochet handles yet. Have had a look through blog but couldn’t see anything.
    Love love love your bags

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