Daisy crochet ripple cushion taDah!

I posted the patterns and tutorials for the summer-inspired crochet ripple cushion with daisy applique a while ago but various technical issues with my hosting have prevented me from putting up new posts for a while. So I’m revisiting the last month with a few retrospective posts…

I loved making the daisy ripple cushion. It was a fun and quick project to do but it looks quite intricate. Making a ripple wide enough to cover the cushion and then joining it as a tube was a far easier method than making a front and a back and sewing or crocheting them together. I really like the side joins as they were a great opportunity to make crochet daisy buttons – and very practical too.

Summer ripple cushion tadah showing crochet buttons

The colours really zing in this cushion. Its made using Deramores own brand Studio DK, in Frost, Rose, Citrine, Peridot and Pearl. The links to the patterns and tutorials are here:

I’m really inspired to make more cushions and to finish my seascape ripple blanket that I will soon have been doing for a whole year! The trouble is that whenever I make a lovely project, whether its a bag, a cushion or a blanket, it gives me loads of ideas of other versions and new patterns that I want to make. Too many ideas and too little time!

I suppose its the same for you too – how do you prioritise things? I think I’m going to have to be way more organised and focus on one project at a time for a bit. I find it very tricky with social media too – so much going on in Instagram feeds and with the two lovely groups that I’m involved with. Maybe I’ll give up sleep…

I’ll be back with more catch up posts soon but in the meantime, here are the latest pics I took of the summer ripple cushion – in the spare room in was intended for xxxxx

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.55.03

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.54.47

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.54.18

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.54.11

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.53.38

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.51.35

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.50.25

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.50.17

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.50.09

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.49.17

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.49.10

Summer ripple cushion tadah2015-08-25 08.54.29

7 thoughts on “Daisy crochet ripple cushion taDah!

  1. mitzi trenz-christian says:


    Happy New Year.

    I was trying to print the “printable instructions” but the link for both the US and the UK instructions seems to be broken. I get a 404 error for both.

    I absolutely love your pillow and hope to make one to match my Sophie. The tutorials I’ve seen so far are just great.

    Please take care.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know – I’ll go have a check now and see what has happened to the link xxxxx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      I checked, I restored and its all fixed now. Thanks again for giving me a heads up on this xxxx

  2. Liz Shields says:

    I really love this cushion!! It’s so bright and cheerful, the colours together are wonderful. I may have a go at this one day. I fancy trying the ripple pattern, but doing a blanket seems a bit daunting, a cushion will be much less intimidating. Like you, though, I have lots of things on the go, and I’m also learning to weave (and want to get back to spinning too). Will have to wait till I’m retired……..wait a minute, I AM retired!!! Why can’t I fit everything in!!! Liz xx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hahaha Liz – I know exactly what you mean! I love crochet but love other crafts too and have been sadly neglecting my jewellery making. Where do the hours go? Why aren’t there more of them? The ripple cushion is a good way to get to grips with the ripple pattern, which I find quite tricky as my mind wanders… Even plain it looks nice and you can add ordinary buttons for the closure 🙂

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