Crochet pennant flower bunting TaDah!

Crafternoon Treats large flower photo tutorial002

I’ve really enjoyed designing and making this new Crafternoon Treats flower bunting. The flower has become bigger and more decorative and the lovely crochet blooms are set off perfectly by the tapered triangular pennants.

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah006

I used Deramores Studio DK for both the pennants and the flowers and in just four colours to tone with my own decor. Topaz (a scrummy duck egg blue), Blue velvet (a very classy navy with lots of grey tones), Sky (pretty much the colour of a blue sky) and Mist (a very sleek silver grey). One 100g ball of each is plenty – you will have most of each ball left over for another project (or a longer stretch of bunting).

My crochet pennant flower bunting

Here are a couple more pics and you will find all the links to the patterns and tutorials further down this post, so keep reading!

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah008

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah001

Pattern and tutorial links

Here are all the links to pattern downloads and tutorials you need to make the pennant triangles, attach them together and then add on the flowers. I made 8 triangles and 9 flowers as I intended this decoration to go in a specific place in my living room – but you can make it longer by adding more triangles and more flowers.

Downloadable and printable patterns

Crafternoon Treats large flower pattern – UK terms

Crafternoon Treats large flower pattern – US terms

Photo tutorials

Triangular pennant motif pattern and assembly

Crafternoon Treats large flower detailed photo tutorial

Video tutorials

Crafternoon Treats large flower video tutorial

You can also watch here:

Loving my crochet pennant bunting

Here are some more TaDah! pics – its quite hard to photograph bunting and it does look even better in real life. This is a great decorative project and it also allows you to learn and practice many different crochet skills.

If you don’t feel confident about decreasing and making triangles using rows of half trebles, you can also make this bunting using plain granny bunting and attaching the Crafternoon Treats flowers at the junctions of the pennants, or put them onto the bunting triangles themselves.

This is my pattern and my bunting but feel free to use and adapt it to suit what you want to do.

The colours you choose are also going to be very individual but I do love this cool and sophisticated pallate of greys and blues. It would equally well with pinks and purples or neutral tones, perhaps with some stronger autumn colour accents.

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah011

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah010

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah004

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah005

Crafternoon Treats crochet pennant bunting tadah003

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4 thoughts on “Crochet pennant flower bunting TaDah!

  1. Sandra Jones says:

    this bunting is really lovely, I have been looking everywhere for some like this and with the flower, just what I have been looking for
    thank you

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  3. Sharon says:

    Wow this is a gorgeous pattern and the colours are perfect. I’m going to be trying out that Deramores acrylic and will be putting an order in ???? thanks for the tutorials x

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