Crochet festival bag TaDah!

Festival bag featured -

I’ve been running a Bagalong this month – on my blog, on Instagram and on Facebook. So when I went on holiday, to the North Yorkshire coast at Robin Hood’s Bay, what else would I take as my holiday crochet project but a new bag…

I’d been sent five balls of Studio Chunky acrylic yarn by Deramores. This is their own brand of chunky and its almost super chunky. The five colours I received to try were glorious bright shades – fuchsia (the bright pink), mustard (the lovely duster yellow), fir (the gorgeous green), burnt orange (no explanation needed) and jade (bright turquoise). I wanted to make a small bag and see if I could make it entirely out of these 5 x 100g balls, which contain 80 metres of yarn.

I used the retro granny square pattern as the basis, using a 6mm (size J) hook, starting by doing round 1 in each of the five colours. I then made round 2 using a different colour, working each round of each square rather than completing one square then another…

Start of the festival bag -

I missed out round 3, moving straight from round 2 to round 4, the first round in which the square is made by adding corners:

Crochet festival bag square in progress -

After completing round 4 and round 5, I changed round 6 to a simple round of double crochet stitches (UK terms) [single crochet stitches in USA terms], making one in each stitch of round 5. This edged the squares nicely. The overall squares measure 21cm (7 inches) across – as I said this Deramores chunky yarn is seriously chunky!

The squares worked up very rapidly and brightened up some of the duller days on holiday… we stayed in an interesting cottage, which had quirky handles for the cupboards…

Crochet festival bag squares -

It also had a lovely terrace overlooking the bay – the perfect spot for sewing in all those pesky ends…

Crochet festival bag squares -

Crochet festival bag squares -

And, finally, all the ends were done and the five squares were complete…

Crochet festival bag squares -

I chose to join using the vibrant jade yarn. I used the same assembly technique as I’ve used in my retro granny stash bags.

Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

The crochet festival bag handles

I had enough yarn left in the jade ball to complete the joining and to work three rounds of double crochet (UK terms) [single crochet USA terms], but not for the handles. In fact, I didn’t have enough of any single colour to do anything but very short handles so I decided on stripy handles for this bag.

I also made them flat – this yarn works up to give a lovely firm fabric, so I didn’t need to fold over the handles or strengthen them with cotton yarn or cotton piping cord.

I started with a round of mustard, working round the top of the bag and then starting a chain to run up from approximately 2.5cm (1 inch) in from the centre square on the front and back of the bag. For my handles I made 50 chains before joining back into the top of the bag.

I made two rounds of the mustard and then two rounds of fuschia, working along the top of the bag between the handles and then over the top of each handle.

I then started working inside the handles, completing one round of fir and two rounds of fuchsia. The final step was to add a row of slip stitch on the inside and outside of the handles. I also made a row of orange slip stitches on the inside of the handles – but not yet!

Crochet festival bag handles - - free pattern and tutorial available

The final step was to work a small closing flap. Starting at the back of the bag I used the fuchsia yarn that I had left to work dc (UK terms) [sc USA terms] backwards and forwards between the handles, decreasing one stitch at the start of each row (by making a chain and working into the second stitch) and at the end of each row (by working two stitches together). I worked five rows in total.

The final step was to add a round of orange between the handles, working a slip stitch into every stitch on the inside of the handles themselves, and working a double crochet around the flap. I attached a large press stud fastener to the inside of the flap and the outside of the front of the bag so that the bag could be closed.

Crochet festival bag closing flap - - free pattern and tutorial available

Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available


Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

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Crochet festival bag - - free tutorial and pattern available

7 thoughts on “Crochet festival bag TaDah!

  1. Regina Tinkham says:

    Love this pattern. Do you have a pattern for this purse? How big is it? I would like to put a lining in it so do you have any suggestions?

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi! I came across someone at my local Joann’s who wanted to make one of these bags and was worried about what kind of yarn to use. Of course she mentioned your blog and so here I am!

    I’ll have to do some stash-diving for yarn – I KNOW I have enough for a couple of these. Thanks for the pattern!!

    KellyM (aka Kismatt on Ravelry)

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Kelly – glad to see you! I made the Festival bag in Deramores Chunky, which is really super chunky and used exactly 5 balls that are each 80 metres long, if that helps xxx

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