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Scarborough is always fair but, sadly, the weather there isn’t. Last week, when I went away for a few days with a good friend from London, I therefore had my fingers crossed…

Although there was some rain, we had a couple of really lovely days and even the not-so-dry weather was still lovely and dramatic as seen from our rented apartment at The Sands on the North Bay. So different from the self-catering holiday flats we used to stay in when I was a child! Instead of old furniture and all sleeping in one room, these flats are furnished to a high standard with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fully fitted kitchen. The sea view option also has a full length window and balcony that overlooks the bay.

On the first afternoon it had been raining but by early evening was clearing up and there was a full arc rainbow over the bay, landing on the headland with Scarborough Castle.

Scarborough rainbow

On that first evening we took a walk all the way round the bay, passing the cliffs where plenty of seagulls were busy nesting. Scarborough Castle was built on this cliff in the 12th century, between 1136 and 1158. The keep of the castle still stands and dominates both the north and south bays. The rest was destroyed in the Civil War in England after two sieges, one in 1645 and one in 1648. It was a Royalist stronghold and was ruined by Oliver Cromwell, as were many castles in Yorkshire.

Nesting seagulls on the cliffs at Scarborough

Scarborough isn’t blessed with that many good places to eat if you don’t like fish and chips and cockles and whelks. But there are some if you hunt them out. A little tapas bar up one of the steep streets off the south bay is a real gem and I’ve been there several times now. Run by a very friendly Yorkshire couple who make traditional Spanish tapas, it is very reasonable and has a lovely atmosphere, even midweek in early May when its not that busy.

The steep climb to get to it is worth it and someone has very kindly put up wall art so that you can pretend to stand and admire it…

Scarborough wall art Blands Cliff

… while getting your breath back.

By the time our lovely meal with wine was finished, it was dusk but still light enough to get some photos of the South Bay. This is the view from where we were standing at Anne Bronte’s grave and St Mary’s Church, with the steps the climb to get to the top of the hill close to the castle.

View of Scarborough south bay

And then on to just outside the castle with the last of the sunset over the North bay.

Scarborough North Bay at sunset

Scarborough North Bay at sunset

The next morning was bright and sunny with the sun streaming in through the windows. Sitting on the balcony for breakfast was a real treat and the views are fantastic…

Sunny morning Scarborough

View to the right Scarborough North Bay

View to the left Scarborough North Bay

batch_2015-05-08 09.04.11

batch_2015-05-08 09.04.16

batch_2015-05-08 09.04.18

We had a walk along the beach after breakfast as the tide was going out. This beach has a Blue Flag designation so its very clean and clear and litter is removed daily and the top of the sand above the tidal line is brushed clean every day by a tractor pulling a special attachment. It comes early so I never actually saw it (it does arrive at like 6am).

Scarborough beach walk

Scarborough beach walk

And, of course, there are the beach huts here, which are all painted different bright colours…

Beach huts Scarborough

Beach huts Scarborough

The rest of the day was bright and fairly clear and we walked over to the South Bay again and bought a fresh dressed crab for lunch. Time for knitting and crochet followed; I’d taken some easy crochet and was glad because I could work away while looking at the sea…

Crochet with a Scarborough view

Crochet with a Scarborough view

The next day started well with another breakfast on the balcony…

Friday morning Scarborough

But within a few minutes, this happened…

batch_2015-05-08 10.10.41

batch_2015-05-08 10.11.32-2

batch_2015-05-08 10.10.47-1

A bit of a sea fret. The temperature fell by about 10 degrees and we retreated inside. The day was then cold and the rain started but the view from the window was still entertaining. We enjoyed it while having a reflexology session with a therapist who provides the service through the apartments’ concierge service. So relaxing!

It was still raining when we went off to get dinner at the tapas bar again but somehow, hearing the sound of the sea and seeing the bay from the top of the cliff makes up for a bit of cold and wet. Or maybe it was the lure of another bottle of delicious Spanish wine…




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