Winning the Spring Flower Community Blanket

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This has been a very exciting week and I have a very special Happy Friday moment to share with you. I was the winner of The Patchwork Heart Spring Flower Blanket!!!! That is part of it in the photo above.

So how did that happen? Well, earlier in the year I mentioned I had contributed a square to The Patchwork Heart Community blanket project, organised by Heather of the blog, The Patchwork Heart.

Patchwork heart flower square

My square was one of 120, each made and sent over the Heather by different crocheters who chat with each other on Instagram regularly. We had great fun posting pictures of our square and admiring each others handiwork. The squares were all gorgeous individually but we started to realise that the finished blanket was going to be nothing short of AMAZING.

Heather organised all the squares and planned out the way they would fit together in the blanket so that all the colours were balanced. We had been given a colour palette of 14 lovely colours from the Stylecraft Special DK range – sherbet, spring green, cloud blue, lavender pale rose, meadow, wisteria, clematis, apricot, soft peach, lemon, saffron, fondant and candy floss.

We could chose to make any square with any flower as long as it was 4 inches, or 10cm square and used these colours.

I think Heather still had quite a job when it came to planning things out though… never an easy thing to do, particularly with squares made by others (more responsibility!). Heather sent me this photo from an advanced planning session – there were still a few squares to come in at this point.

Patchwork Heart spring blanket in progress

We were then treated to glimpses of Heather putting the blanket together with a beautiful open lacy method, called a flat braid join.

Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw

Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw blanket comes together

And, finally The Patchwork Heart Spring Flower Blanket community project was complete…

Spring flower blanket charity draw featured for Happy Friday

Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw squares 4 Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw squares 3 Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw squares 2 Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw squares 1

Last Sunday, Heather contact me to tell me that the random number draw had been held, with just the 120  of us who had made the blanket allowed to enter – – and I had WON!!!!!!!!

Wow, was I surprised and very delighted. But then I started to think about all the effort that all the other people had put into the blanket and decided that its work is not yet done. So… I’ve decided to run a charity draw to raffle the blanket off to raise money for Marie Curie nurses who help people with cancer stay in their own homes until the end of their life, if they wish to.

Find out more about Marie Curie Cancer Care

The Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw

The charity draw is just starting out but I hope that over the next month this beautiful blanket will inspire a lot of donations so that we can reach the very ambitious target of £5000…

The draw will take place on Saturday April 25th. It is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and a single entry is a £2 donation to the Just Giving page. All money donated goes straight into the charity – none of it passes through my hands and I’ve agreed to donate the cost of the postage (even to Australia, if that is where the winner lives).

Enter the Spring Flower Blanket Charity Draw now!

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17 thoughts on “Winning the Spring Flower Community Blanket

  1. Coco-Jayne says:

    Congratulations on your win 🙂 Its a beautiful blanket and a beautiful idea of creating it in the first place and also very generous offer for you to raffle it for such a worthwhile cause

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you!!! Its doing terrifically well – after 4 days its raised £3000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Beyond my wildest dreams xxxxxxx

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  3. Margie Winstead says:

    Please publish these squares! It would sell very well and make more money for your cause!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Not sure whether this will be possible yet Margie but I am looking into it xxxxxxx

  4. Camille says:

    It would be wonderful to publish a book of all these blocks, and the joining instructions. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Camille I don’t think it will be possible to publish them all as some were just made up and there is no pattern – but its something I am looking into. Thank you xxxxxxx

  5. Lilly's Mom says:

    This is an amazing blanket. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful design. And I love the lace border. How nice of you to part with it for such a wonderful cause. Happy Friday.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Pat – its going to be a lot of work but I hope its going to raise LOADS xxxx

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