Retro granny stash bag – quick start guide

If you are interested in making the retro granny stash bag, the free pattern and tutorial are all on my blog. Here is a quick start guide to where to find everything you need.

Overview free pattern and tutorial

If you are a fairly experienced crocheter, this is probably all you need to make the bag. Start here and if you need further info, pop back to this quick start guide to look at the different tutorials for more detail.

Downloadable pdf pattern for the retro granny square motif

This is a downloadable or printable version of the pattern. It doesn’t have a tutorial but is handy for reference as you are working on the granny squares.

Detailed photo tutorial on the retro granny square motif

A step-by-step tutorial on making the granny square – possible to follow even if you are quite new to crochet. Someone contacted me on Facebook to say that she had made her first granny square ever using my tutorial, which is wonderful 🙂

Detailed photo tutorial on joining the motifs to make the basic bag shape

This shows how to crochet the squares together and how to get to the point where you add the lining and work on the handles

Detailed photo tutorial on finishing the bag by adding the lining and handles

This is the final part of making up and finishing the bag

 Show and tell!

If you make the bag please get in touch via Facebook – I am Crafternoon Treats or on Instagram and show a picture of your bag with any variations or improvements. If I receive enough, I will put them altogether in a gallery blog post later in the spring. xxx

See the detailed photo tutorial for making the granny square motif

Chunky granny stash bag Crafternoon Treats

7 thoughts on “Retro granny stash bag – quick start guide

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  2. angela says:

    is there a video tutorial on this bag please, i need help for the handles, i cant wait too see it finished, than k you

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Angela – no there is no video tutorial for the retro granny bag handle but if you look through all the posts and pages in that section there is a photo tutorial on the handles x K

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