A funny February

This month has been an odd one. The winter still hasn’t got too bad and we’ve already had some warm sunny days here in Yorkshire. I’ve been busy on social media and I posted this picture this week to celebrate my Facebook page having over 2000 likers…

sunny day

I’ve been busy with various crochet projects, have finally cleared my late mum’s house as the sale is due to complete in early March. We had left it furnished and with nic nacs and pictures as that is supposed to help with selling, but it means a lot of work packaging up and moving now that everything is going through.

My internet has been rubbish thanks to awful service from EE and even worse customer service to try to sort out the mess they have made.

So a mixture of good and bad, but most surprising for me this month has been the interest in my retro granny stash bag.

See the detailed photo tutorial for making the granny square motif

I finished the detailed tutorial for the retro granny motif and for putting the stash bag together and I loaded up a pdf version of the free pattern. Deliberately not written in pattern-speak. I could do that but I don’t see why it is necessary any more. When patterns were only for books, abbreviating everything made sense but for online patterns, it just seems unnecessary.

What I didn’t expect, I suppose a bit naively, was that some of the photos from the tutorials would end up on Facebook without any credit to my page or this blog. The page responsible was in Turkey and although I was a bit upset initially, I left a comment on the photo that I was happy for them to share if they shared from my page or as a link.

They later did that and are now following me, as are many of their followers to, so it all worked out in the end. I was tempted to start watermarking and this was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek idea of how I might go about that:

Gerroff its my bag

But in the end I’ve decided just to go with a simple addition of the blog web address – crafternoontreats.com on each photo and small enough not to get in the way of the subject of the photo. Not because it will make any difference to sites that might use the photos as their own, there is nothing that can be done about that. But if someone does see the photo pop up somewhere else, at least they can find my site to find more about the project and other projects.

A Facebook and Instagram milestone

I know my number of followers don’t compare with the big bloggers but I am very pleased this week to have passed 2000 followers on my FB page and 700 followers on instagram. My blog will be a year old at the end of March, so I don’t think that is bad going for a year of very part time/spare time effort. I want to spend more time on the blog this coming year, so exciting times ahead.

2000 likesAs I write this, the popularity of the retro granny stash bag is still bringing a lot of interest into my blog and FB – in the few days since I passed the 2000 milestone I’ve had another 250 likers, so lets hope I’m not in a bubble that is about to burst! Certainly having dodgy internet doesn’t help as I’m trying to keep my blog and my day job work under control via my phone, ipad and a friend’s dining table to borrow her internet!

Happy Friday – lets hope for a Happy Monday too, with live broadband xxxx

You can also pop over to Planet Penny to see some other happy moments from other bloggers this week…



18 thoughts on “A funny February

  1. Corine24 says:

    Dear Kathryn,

    Congrats with so many followers, that’s great! And I love your bag, I might make one too. Tempting it is … 🙂


    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Corine, managing better on my phone 3G but hope to be back in the virtual world tomorrow! Will be popping over to see what you have been up to – sorry for the long absence xxx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks – I am just catching up with comments so sorry its taken a while to approve and reply xxx Pesky internet

  2. Planet Penny says:

    Congratulations on building up your following so quickly, it’s a great achievement. I share your frustration with your images being taken, watermarking is a bit of a faff but I ought to make a habit of it. I also share the annoyance of a rubbish internet connection, it cuts out every time we get a phone call! Aaah!
    Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday once again x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Penny – I am round at a friends on her internet catching up on my comments. You just don’t realise how much you rely on internet until its not there xxx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks – I’m planning the final tutorial soon just wrestling with the pesky internet connection xxx

  3. Coco-Jayne says:

    Hi – congratulations – I think you’ve done really well with the number of followers you’ve acquired in the time you’ve been going and with all the other things you’re having to juggle – hopefully things will continue to snowball for you. Maybe a subtle watermark isn’t a bad idea as it’ll eventually bring people back to you 🙂

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks – hopefully things will carry on growing – I am really enjoying blogging xxx

  4. AUNTIE SHAN says:

    I should probably start watermarking myself… Every time I check my stats and see a lot of hits from certain countries, I keep envisioning little “pop-up”-factories churning out a “version” of my STUFF!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you for commenting – sorry to be so slow to approve and reply – pesky internet connection 🙂

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you for commenting – sorry to be so slow to approve and reply – pesky internet connection 🙂

  5. Ali says:

    Your retro stash bag is lovely, such gorgeous colours. Some people are so cheeky using other people photos etc. I think you’re right to watermark them. The gerroff it’s my bag should really do the trick 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali xx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you for commenting – sorry to be so slow to approve and reply – pesky internet connection 🙂

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you for commenting – sorry to be so slow to approve and reply – pesky internet connection 🙂

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