The Patchwork Heart spring flower blanket

Spring flowers on my windowsill

We are having some wonderful sunny and warm weather for February this week and the smell of spring seems to be in the air. Its so nice to see the snowdrops out in full force now under my weeping silver birch tree…

Snowdrops spring flowers

And to have daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in the house…

Daffodils in my kitchen Spring flowers

Hyacinths and tulips Spring flowers

They always brighten things up but when its sunny, they really sing…

Crochet spring projects

I’m still in progress with my lovely autumn inspired chunky hexagon blanket and I now have 63 motifs joined together. This is a whole extra row beyond my latest photo of it… (still have ends to deal with before it can have another photo session)…

Crochet hexagon blanket latest

This blanket has taken a few months but I have a place for it in mind now. Although it would be a nice bed cover I think it will go well on the mid century leather sofa that I have inherited. That blanket is now on hold for a couple of weeks and I’ll resume when the sofa arrives at the end of February.I will need to do a ‘fitting’  before I do any more.

In the meantime, while I am rippling away on my seascape ripple blanket…

Seascape ripple blanket progress

my project dreaming time is turning to spring colours and spring flowers.

In January I began to get quite addicted to Instagram.

I follow people who love crochet and found out about #thepatchworkheartcommunityblanketmake from Heather (@thepatchworkheart on IG). Her blog The Patchwork Heart is wonderfully written and contains many colourful examples of beautiful creativity. Heather works full time but is still very productive on the crochet front and watching the rapid progress of her projects and seeing her wonderful ideas unfold is a real pleasure.

Heather is featured in this month’s Simply Crochet magazine and I was uber impressed to learn that she combines full time work with crochet commissions and gets up at 6am to fit in an hour of crochet before work!!! I was reading this while relaxing on Friday evening with a lovely glass of red wine and some gentle rippling.

Inside Crochet featuring The Patchwork Heart and Friday night wine

The Patchwork Heart spring blanket

For The Patchwork Heart community blanket, Heather invited  her followers to commit to sending in a small crochet square with a flower. 120 of us signed up very quickly and there were soon people on the waiting list.

The brief was to make a 10cm by 10cm crochet square with either a flat or 3D flower, using the Stylecraft Special DK colours she specified. Once the 120 squares were ready, Heather plans to crochet them together using white to make a spring blanket that will then go to the lucky winner. Heather is putting all of our names in a draw, so we each have a 1/120 chance of winning. We can then either keep the blanket or auction or raffle it for charity.

I decided to design my own square and flower, which I had never done before. Leaving plenty of time, I decided to try to make a hydrangea using the lovely pale rose, lavender and wisteria shades for the flower, with lemon in the centre and meadow green as the background. The backing square was quite lacy but the right size and robust enough to become part of a larger blanket.

Patchwork heart flower square

With kind permission from Heather, this is the photo that she took when all but the last few squares had come in. It is going to look fabulous… Roll on half term (next week for Heather, who is a maths teacher) as that is when the Patchwork Heart spring blanket will really come into being.

Patchwork Heart spring blanket in progress

I have promised myself that I will ripple intently over the next week or so, then I might stop thinking about some spring flower projects… And. Do. Some.

You can also follow Heather at The Patchwork Heart on Instagram – she is @thepatchworkheart. You can also search the hash tag #thepatchworkheartcommunityblanketmake to find posts by all the lovely ladies who have made the other gorgeous squares.

10 thoughts on “The Patchwork Heart spring flower blanket

  1. Sandra Jones says:

    Not long joined the Patchwork Heart on fb. I really like what has been made, how can I find the patterns and how they are joining the squares please.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      I’m sorry but there are no patterns. This blanket was a unique effort and some of the squares are from paid patterns. It wasn’t possible to publish the pattern for the entire blanket. Heather joined the squares using the method by Baby Love Brand – I think its mentioned in the post. xxx Kathryn

  2. Corine24 says:

    Stunning! And I really like your granny square, not just the pattern but also the colours.


    PS: Want to make that Breton sweater of SC, when I get my hands on the pattern … (never made a sweater before).

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Corine – can’t wait to see the blanket finished. A sweater… that is brave. I’ve yet to attempt something as complicated 🙂

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks for visiting and dropping in with a comment 🙂 I see you are in York – not too far from me x

  3. Susan says:

    Your photos are beautiful – I love the flowers indoors in front of the window and the snowdrops outside. I’m afraid we have way to much snow for any tiny buds to poke their heads thru. The patchwork spring blanket is stunning.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      I thought of you earlier when my daughter messaged me to say its blizzard 3 in Boston. She is bored because her classes are all cancelled again. I hope it gets a little warmer soon and you see some signs of spring 🙂

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