Crochet hexagon blanket progress

Crafternoon Treats Crochet hexagon blanket featured

Just a quick update on progress on my crochet hexagon blanket before I add two new rows over the next few days.

Over Christmas I made quite a few colourful chunky hexagons and by the start of the New Year had something that could be used as a bed runner – if I were to stop here.

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket four rows complete Crafternoon Treats

Now confession time… I started by planning the colours of this blanket on a spreadsheet on the computer. This got me started but as i’ve progressed, the plan has altered as I’ve seen how the colours work together in real life. I’ve adapted, tweaked and then finally abandoned the spreadsheet pattern altogether. At this stage I was pleased with the balance of colours, having introduced some magenta and meadow into the mix.

For the colour planning of the next rows, I’ve gone back to the old system of using my dolly pegs. They are now stored in another of the new jars that I picked up from Wilkinsons (love that shop…).

Crafternoon Treats crochet hexagon blanket colour pegs

First I worked up the hexagons for the next row up to the point when they needed to be joined.

Crafternoon Treats row 5 hexagon blanket in progress

All of this row have walnut brown centres, variable colours in the next round from the autumn inspired scheme, and camel on the outermost round. I then needed to choose different colours for the outside of each hexagon that would work with what I already had in the blanket. So I laid it all out and used the pegs to work out the best combination.

Crafternoon Treats crochet hexagon blanket planning

Starting at one end, I used the join-as-you-go method and incorporated each new hexagon using the chosen colour. This is a bit fiddly and, with chunky yarn, its a bit tough on the hands and fingers so after a few, a coffee break and slice of fruit cake…

Crafternoon Treats crochet hexagon blanket coffee break

And on to the end of the row…

Crafternoon Treats Hexagon blanket 5 rows

This chunky blanket is getting quite heavy now and it will definitely be a bed cover rather than a snuggly throw. How big it will get eventually is a big question and I don’t know the answer, which makes it quite an exciting project and I wish I had more time to just work away at it. But, got to be a bit patient and the design is at least flexible. I could add another row, two rows or ten rows. Its an evolving project that will determine its own fate when the time comes.

And now, a photo that comes full circle with the first… I think its now looking definitely like a blanket rather than a runner and I am itching to get more rows attached.

Hexagon blanket 5 rows in daylight

First though, I have to finish the moss stitch knitted scarf I have promised my daughter and, as I write this, she is cosy and warm in her flat in the worst winter blizzard they have seen for a good long while. Its -10C and they are expecting 36 inches of snow in 24 hours… Not that having a scarf will help much, but its more of a priority than my lovely chunky hexies.


4 thoughts on “Crochet hexagon blanket progress

  1. Carol aka Dansnan says:

    It is beautiful, love the colours.

    Went in Wilkos yesterday, their stationery range is excellent at the moment. Bought a couple of the Romany caravan design notebooks. One is a birthday gift, the other for me, lovely quality.

    Carol xx

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Carol – I know, Wilkos are really good at the moment. I bought another set of their nested tins this week, they are so useful for keeping sewing and crochet bits together xxx

  2. Susan says:

    This blanket is just unbelievable! I can’t even imagine all the time that went into it. It really is lovely – I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you Susan – I am finishing up a scarf for my daughter at the moment — she is in Boston and like you, has been having a bit of snow recently 🙂 I will be finished by the weekend and then I am going to really get ahead with this blanket xx

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