Chunky crochet hexagon blanket progress

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket on the wicker chair winter sun Crafternoon Treats

After finishing my Attic24 crochet along cosy blanket on Boxing Day I have enjoyed Christmas cooking and being with my uni student children. In the evenings my daughter and her boyfriend and I, who all love The Good Wife series, settled down to watch Series 5 on 4OD. The one where Will gets shot…

With all that going on (and it was very dramatic) I couldn’t keep up with the counting on my ripple blanket but I was able to do a few rounds of a chunky hexagon, so my blanket has grown steadily. A few late mornings in bed with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a bit of music also helped.

I now have 32 hexagons joined together to form a panel, complete with half hexagon edges.

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket 2 on the wicker chair winter sun Crafternoon Treats

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket four rows complete Crafternoon Treats

The colours look great together and while I have been working on the blanket, I did an order for more yarn for a Christmas present (not for me, honest). As I was getting free postage as I ordered the Lucy Cottage pack, I added in some Stylecraft chunky colours that I didn’t have. I was so pleased with the magenta and the meadow (yes, my least favourite green) and how they looked alongside the already completed hexagons, I decided to add them in.

Close up of magenta hexagon

The lighter green and the lovely purply pink really lifts the whole thing and now that I have four rows, I can really see how the blanket is going to turn out.

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket more January progress Crafternoon Treats

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket long view Crafternoon Treats

The chunkiness of the fabric that is coming together is very pleasing and I really like how the hexagons keep a very crisp shape because of the thickness of the yarn. But its not stiff and drapes nicely and is lovely and warm to snuggle under. Its not quite big enough for that yet but it was covering my legs and toes when I was adding in the half hexagons at the edges.

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket on the wicker chair Crafternoon Treats

I thought it might be difficult to do the half hexagons but just decided to have a go and it was really easy.

Chunky crochet blanket half hexagon edge 1

Chunky crochet blanket half hexagon edge 2Next steps

Having concentrated quite a bit on the hexagons over Christmas I am going to have a break for a couple of weeks now to progress my seascape ripple blanket, a knitted project and get planning some smaller projects.

I can come back and build up the hexagons row by row until I have the size of blanket I am happy with. At the moment I am thinking of this one as a cover blanket for my daughter’s bed so it will be at least another 32 hexagons and possibly another 32 after that, with an edging all the way round.

Chunky crochet hexagon blanket 2 on table Crafternoon Treats



8 thoughts on “Chunky crochet hexagon blanket progress

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Corine yes I am pleased with the colours. I might be getting over my hangup about greens 🙂

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you Rita for your encouragement. Creating things is such fun – I just have to stay motivated now to see it grow xxx

  1. Jackie T says:

    Hi Kathryn I love the blanket you are creating. I used to crotchet but I haven’t done any for a while you are inspiring me to have another go. Hugs Jackie

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Jackie – that’s lovely – made my day. I hope you do and that you enjoy it xxx

  2. Sara says:

    That is lovely. I find watching T.V and crocheting go along quite nicely together … as long as I don’t need to count!!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      I like watching things I’ve seen before – I don’t have to worry about looking at the TV then 🙂

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