Half way along with my Attic24 CAL blanket

Border idea for Attic24 CAL blanket

Its three weeks now since I started making this blanket and I am enjoying it a lot. Its growing now and covers my legs right down to my ankles when I am working on it – it truly is cosy.

Today I reached stripe 40 – I have been thinking of it as row 40 – but actually that is row 80 so I am really pleased with my progress. My seascape ripple is taking a backseat for a while but I have been working on a new project, a chunky hexagon autumn blanket that I will share later in the week.

The weather was good today, really bright and sunny so this morning I took myself off for a brisk three-mile walk. The temptation to sit and crochet the day away is all very well but not that good for the waistline. With Christmas fast approaching its good to keep burning a few calories.

The sky was really blue and plants are still growing – it looks more like spring until you look at the shadows, which are very long at close to midday…

Sunny November day in East Yorkshire

It is still very mild in my part of Yorkshire and it was warm in the sun today.

The weather has certainly confused these sweet peas…

Sweet peas think December is spring

My Attic24 CAL blanket progress

The colours in my blanket are a mix of Lucy’s colours and my own and I am loving the different combinations.

Attic24 CAL blanket 38 rows and counting

 The light was so good today I took the opportunity to take some shots of my blanket outside in the garden.

Garden outing for the Attic24 CAL blanket

Worrying about the edges

I’ve noticed a few other comments on Lucy’s blog and on Facebook about the edges of this blanket being a bit wobbly. Mine certainly are, which is why I avoid photographing them! It will all get sorted out in the edging – or so I hope.

Attic24 CAL blanket strip showing all colours

But it does worry me and the more work I do on the blanket the more worried I get. So much so that I’ve started to think about possible edgings. I want to design my own edging and do my own thing and I have in mind a wide border to make the blanket wider. Its 130cm wide, so slightly wider than Lucy’s but I like the idea of putting it on a King Size bed sideways as a throw and the bigger the better!

An edging plan might be coming together

Last night I played around with the edging idea and have worked a first row in plum along one of the wobbly edges. I plan to do another row of treble granny clusters in another colour, then a single row of solid trebles all around in a third colour. Haven’t yet decided what the colours of these all round stripes will be.

But I do know that they I want to run a strip of tiny solid blocks of colour in two row granny squares all the way round the blanket so that the edging gets a good dose of each colour, not just a small selection. And perhaps two or three more all-round rows beyond that.

Border idea for Attic24 CAL blanket

The edge certainly does look better with a row of treble clusters, although some of the, are not separating out very well. I think some blocking may sort that out and the second row of clusters should help too.

I am loving the tiny squares though. For a future project I might do a granny square blanket like that – they are quick to work up and the colour combos are just as interesting in squares as in stripes.

Attic24 and Team Lucy

I wrote in a previous post about some rather narky comments that appeared on Lucy’s blog a while ago. Since then I’ve been adding my own comment to her blog posts to continue my support. Unlike the people who are still leaving a few unnecessarily negative posts, I always add my name and a link back to my blog so that it is obvious who I am.

Funny how the carping commenters tend to leave just a first name and no link. And how the wording used in them is always rather similar both in sentiment and in the phrases used. Mighty suspicious I say.

I’ve not commented on these negative responses on the Attic24 blog as I think that will only fuel the situation and encourage more ‘troll-like’ behaviour. I recently read a good explanation of trolling making comments that are intended to disrupt the conversation between a blogger and his or her readers and that certainly seems to be what is behind these recent comments aimed at Lucy.

But on my own blog I can express my own opinion. If someone no longer enjoys any blog, there is no reason to visit again. Simples. No need at all to hurl a snarling comment first.


Since I drafted this post, Lucy published her extended blog post for her week 5 progress and has shared a picture of my blanket from last week. And loads of other lovely blankets going on around the world. How special is that?



7 thoughts on “Half way along with my Attic24 CAL blanket

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  2. Alison says:

    I LOVE your Cosy blanket & am not good at colors myself plus here in the USA you can only order Stylecraft online so it’s difficult to determine colors. Would you be willing to share the colors you used and in what sequence please? Would love to replicate. Thank you!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Alison Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 I am so pleased you like my blanket. Yes I would be happy to share – I’ll add the colour sequence so far to my blog update this weekend x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Corine – I think it will finish it off nicely – long way to go yet though! x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Jane – I am liking the idea more and more now I am creating a longer granny square strip!

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