My Attic24 crochet along 2 weeks in

Featured Attic24 CAL blanket progress 20 stripes

This is the first Attic24 crochet-along that I’ve ever taken part in and I have to say that I am absolutely loving it. Crochet is relaxing and fun but joining in with thousands of other people doing a similar blanket all over the world is really special.

Attic24 CAL blanket progress gallery 1 Attic24 CAL blanket progress gallery 1 Attic24 CAL blanket progress gallery 3









Lucy just posted her week 4 update of the Attic24 crochet-along but I am two weeks behind.

You can see the latest progress from week 4 of the Attic24 CAL by visiting Lucy’s blog

As of Saturday I had done 20 lovely colourful stripes and have stormed away since adding another seven. Really racing ahead is not an option because of the little distractions of life – the day job, daily chores and the prep for Christmas, which is now only a month away.

To many crafts, too little time

My silversmithing course finishes in the first week of December and I have some more work to do making silver earrings to add to my portfolio of just rings so far. Hopefully these will be ready to sell in the run up to Christmas to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer UK, my chosen charity.

I’ll be donating the money I would have spent on Christmas cards to them too. Usually my donation goes to the local hospice but last year and for the future, it’ll go to help fund their lovely nurses.

And there are my two other blankets-in-progress!! Did I say crochet was relaxing? My Autumn-inspired chunky hexagon blanket isn’t ready to be seen yet as its a very tiny infant blanket but my Attic24 crochet-along blanket is going neck and neck with my seascape ripple.

Blanket photoshoot

I had a little photoshoot of the two blankets in my office/studio.

The two wicker chairs are from Ikea and were one of the last things my mum bought me, so they are very treasured.  Attic24 CAL blanket and seascape ripple blanket at 20 stripes each

This is the Attic24 CAL blanket from the top showing off its 20 stripes of gorgeous colour.

Featured Attic24 CAL blanket progress 20 stripes

I am loving the colours and the combinations. For the next 20 stripes I want to do all new colour combos and alternate the yarn colours with the two version of the stripe. So, having done lime in the granny stripe and Emperor purple in the plain treble stripe this time, in the next block, lime will be a plain treble stripe and Emperor purple will be a granny stripe.

My cosy colours

These 20 stripes are my basic colour palette. They’ll be repeated another three times to make a blanket that is 80 stripes long. Then I’m planning a wide border but haven’t really thought about the details yet.

Attic24 CAL blanket progress

Cosy colours plus

Most of the colours I’m using are the cosy colours that Lucy is doing. Missing from my blanket is Meadow, because I don’t like that particular shade of green. I’ve also missed out violet, which was a mistake really but too late now! I’ve added in Emperor purple, pomegranate, bright pink, turquoise and Walnut brown, all from the same Stylecraft Special DK collection. Altogether they are cosy and there is quite a lot of jewel brightness going on.

I couldn’t do the Attic24 CAL blanket in the photoshoot and leave out the seascape ripple.

Attic24 CAL blanket Crafternoon TreatsAttic24 Ripple blanket progress gallery 4Attic24 CAL blanket progress gallery 9Attic24 Ripple blanket progress gallery 7

Attic24 Ripple blanket progress gallery 5 Attic24 Ripple blanket progress gallery 6

And this is my Attic24 CAL blanket in all its glory today, sunbathing in the weak wintery sun.

Attic24 CAL blanket progress to stripe twenty seven

I am planning work on a stripe in my lunch break… just got to resist this little corner for the next couple of hours…

Attic24 CAL blanket progress to stripe twenty seven

You can see the start of my Attic24 crochet along blanket on my birthday on November 8th

Part 2 shows progress in the first week

You can also find out more about my seascape ripple blanket inspired by Lucy

10 thoughts on “My Attic24 crochet along 2 weeks in

  1. sandra says:

    My first CAL too, I’m on row 32. I’m also having to substitute some colours from my stash, but the essence of early autumn flowers seems to be holding up. Like you I’m not fond of ‘Meadow’, that range could really do with a better leaf green – wonder if Lucy has any influence. Looking forward to seeing your blanket grow. Happy Hooking from UK.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Sandra Thanks for your response – I think Lucy is working on Stylecraft to get a sage green and a duck egg blue, both of which I love so here’s hoping. I am in the UK too in East Yorks, where are you? I’ll have a nosy at your blog later x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Cate Thank you – I bought the cushion and its twin as a bed set with a matching bed runner and duvet cover years ago and I can’t remember where I got it now. I just loved the teal colour x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Sara – I did think I might make two narrow blankets in a different colour way just to drape over them 🙂

  2. eileen says:

    Lovely to meet you yesterday. I am very inspired by your jewel blanket but have so many things on the go, I don’t think I dare start another !

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Eileen It was lovely to meet you too. I was out most of yesterday so only just saw your message. I’ll email you so you have my address – hope to meet you again soon 🙂

  3. Sharon says:

    I really like your colours. I don’t care for green of any shade so I might leve the others out too. Good blanket project! Thanks for sharing!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Sharon – that’s the beauty of this crochet along and blanket pattern. You can join in and still do your own thing:)

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