A hazy April day

Cowslips and grape hyacynths April 2014

It’s April today – already but at least its easier to really believe that spring is here. Today was misty and murky though, more like November but the sun is breaking through now. Went on a quick stroll round the garden and out of the gate to capture some later views in the sunshine.

The day job is calling but so are creative projects. I’ve really got into crafts this last year and I’ve been working on a blog.. I want to document some of my own journey and share tips, information, mistakes and a few laughs with fellow crafters.

The trouble is that working at home is a mixed blessing. Its great not to have to rush through morning traffic, face a long commute or share a noisy office and hustle and bustle. But the downside is that it’s very easy to get distracted. And the blog project has to be done in evenings and at weekends, in addition to the crafting and DIY.

I’ve been doing some house DIY projects since January, creating two rooms out of one. With the help of a joiner/builder, so its not quite DIY. I have done a lot of the prep and painting and clearing up though, every weekend it’s seemed like. The room is a large landing really, with three rooms and two staircases, one up to the loft, and one down to the kitchen. Its an old house, so very quirky. I’ve had a stud wall built half way across, giving my son a ‘man-cave’ that joins through to his bedroom, and me a storage landing/area.

The idea is to have large Ikea storage cupboards to put all the stuff away that I need but don’t want to look at – like envelopes, some books, work files and general ‘stuff’.

My new storage area is nearing completion and the final bits, the laminate floor is being fitted Friday (lovely light distressed oak – so excited to see it down) and my new Ikea units are ready to go up.

Getting a bit impatient for it all to be finished now but work calls.


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  1. Jane says:

    I love your idea for your blog and so nice to be able to gaze out of your window and see sheep. Jealous!

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