If you don’t like secrets

The colourways that form part of my Christmas selection boxes this year…

The Spring Collection

Bluebell blizzard: inspired by the late snow we had earlier this year in March/April, when the blubells and their green leaves were poking through the snow on the ground

Daffodowndilly: inspired by Daffodils, my favourite spring flower

Cyclamen calm: Inspired by cyclamens, which first appear at Christmas here and are a gorgeous early spring flower. The name is a little play on words as cyclamen coum are how the plant spreads

May Beauties: inspired by a gorgeous rose I found called the May Beauty – an early flowering one that appears in May rather than in June

April showers in the Dales

April showers in the Dales: inspired by the watery sun, grey and blue skies and cool colours you find in the Yorkshire Dales in April

Blushing lilacs

Blushing lilacs: I love lilac but did you know there are pink versions? This is a tribute to these gorgeous flowers


The Summer Collection

Summer wedding: inspired by the delicate pastel colours of a vintage early summer wedding

Fuchsia voodoo: inspired by this strain of Fuchsia, which has the lovely deep purple and bright magenta bell flowers

Sand sea and solitude: a favourite fantasy of mine is sitting on a hot beach with blue seas and just a few grassy dunes, staring out across the dappled water with no other tourists of course!

Scarborough Fair: inspired by another delicate rose variety called Scarborough Fair. Scarborough Fair was a bit even in the Middle Ages that took place in Scarborough in August each year.

Asleep in lavender: inspired by one of my other summer favourites – lavender

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold: after the song and a celebration of the fields of gold that can be seen throughout the summer in my part of flat East Yorkshire

The Autumn Collection

Autumn tapestry: Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I’ve tried to get all the autumn colours into these minis

Berries for the birds: I love how the rich red of berries on the hawthorn and other shrubs combines with the rich browns and golds of falling autumn leaves

Pumpkin spiced latte: inspired by the drink, which is becoming a bit of an autumn icon

Last September Sunset: I love the skies here in September when we get the best sunsets in the late evening

Goldfinches fly south: inspired by something I read about 2018 being a bumper year for Goldfinches – they don’t always migrate but wherever they are I love their colours

Don’t let the ghouls out: Orange means halloween to me and I’ve added it in as an accent colour to a pale and ghostly colourway

The Winter Collection

A shiver of snow: that sky when you know its heavy with snow and you want to hurry inside and sit by a fire sipping hot chocolate

On the ski slopes: the white of fresh snow with the blue sky and the rich green of Norwegian fir trees

Midnight at Yule: the dark and cool winter skies around Yule – the traditional name for Winter Solstice

Fir Tree love: My take on the Christmas tree in yarn with the white of the lights, the colours of baubles and the rich green of the foliage

Damson jam: my friend makes the best damson jam and this is how I imagine it would look if it could dye yarn

Candy cane: I don’t like the sweets but I do like hanging the candy cane hooks on the tree at Christmas